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Distinguished by precise attention to detail, exceptional level of service and quality craftsmanship. Evola Builders has been building timeless luxury homes in Essex County Since 1986.

At the age of 20, John Evola began as an Architect Technologist and then led him into residential construction. John has been in the industry for over 36 years. Today, a family owned and operated business with 30 years of experience, strive to get the details right through excellent planning, flawless project management and thorough execution. The foundation of Evola Builders is built on quality, trust, dedication and Positive relationships with clients as well as tradesmen. Our team works hard to make Your dream home a reality, paying attention to every detail. Giving our clients a fun and stress-free building process while delivering the highest quality of service and design.

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2165 Suzanne St, Windsor, ON
(519) 978-0408
Picture of John Evola

John Evola

“Combining new technology with proven old world traditions enables us to build a superior home each and every time.” - John Evola

Picture of Matt Evola
Project Manager

Matt Evola

“You may say we are on a mission... On a mission to help our clients design, build, and live their dream.” - Matt Evola

Picture of Rob Benneian

Rob Benneian

For more information please visit Deerbrook Property.

Picture of Richard Benneian

Richard Benneian

For more information please visit Deerbrook Property.


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